Was connecting with a client ever this fun?

Connect with Network Visual Solutions powered by Clearfly Communications for $24.95 per line.


  • Unlimited Local and Long Distance to the USA and Canada
  • DID's per SIP Trunk
  • e911
  • Hunting
  • Inbound Caller ID
  • Outbound Caller ID
  • White Page Listing (1 included per contract)

Business Phone Service at $24.95 per line

Benefits - Why Switch to SIP Trunks

SIP Business Phone Service at $24.95 per line

  • Save Money - Enjoy the cost savings of converging your local, long distance and broadband Internet services onto a single circuit with dynamic bandwidth allocation
  • Save Time - Dedicated and knowledgeable Network Visual Solutions powered by Clearfly Communications technicians and customer support specialists assure rapid deployment.
  • Simplify - Experience the efficiency of managing a single network connection, receiving one bill and engaging one point of contact for all your local, long distance, and broadband Internet needs.
  • Protect your Investment - Preserve your existing capabilities via seamless integration with your existing SIP IP PBX system. Clearfly is Interopped with the following IP PBX systems: Wildix, AT&T Synapse, Toshiba, Iwatsu, LG Ericsson, Zultys, ESI, PhoneSuite, Allworx, Panasonic and NEC, we are also compatible with Cisco, Samsung, Asterisk, Avaya and Mitel.
  • Grow Your Business - When you grow, adding more SIP Trunks is easy, and happens in days, not weeks. SIP Trunks can be installed and turned up remotely so you do not have to slow down.
  • Assurance - Network Visual Solutions powered by Clearfly Communications offers a 30 day penalty free cancellation because we are confident in our service.

Enjoy The Benefits Of SIP Technology Today!

ClearPhone™ Disaster Attendant

SIP Business Phone Service at $24.95 per line

A Disaster Recovery plan is critical to Business Continuity (DR/BC). In the event of an outage, your company’s survival depends on your client’s ability to reach you.

  • ClearPhone™ Disaster Attendant is a seamless affordable solution that provides call forwarding and robust call routing features to maintain business operations in case of an outage.
  • ClearPhone™ Disaster Attendant recovery is hosted in an N1^ + N1^ secure Clearfly datacenter.
  • ClearPhone™ Disaster Attendant provides callers with a pre-recorded announcement and an option menu of 0-9 to forward calls to alternate phone numbers.
    For example: “Thank you for calling ABC Company, please dial 1 for Sales, 2 for Support, 3 for Billing,” etc...
    Branching Options: After selecting 1 for Sales or 2 for Support, the caller can dial 1 for Frank, 2 for Jackson, 3 for Scott. All employees remain reachable and business continues.
  • ClearPhone™ Disaster Attendant offers redundancy and business continuity for all PBX systems regardless of make or model.
    Incoming callers will be routed to your programmed Disaster Attendant that will allow for up to 10 simultaneous forwards.
  • ClearPhone™ Disaster Attendant is pre-configured and calls fail-over in a fully automated fashion as primary service is interrupted. No additional Internet, IP addresses or VPNs are required.
  • ClearPhone™ Disaster Attendant
    Can only be used as a DR/BC Product.
    Offered exclusively to Network Visual Solutions powered by Clearfly Communications customers.

$19.95 per month

One-time set up: $50.00

Frequently asked questions

Providing a clear advantage for voice & data services.

What level of voice quality can I expect using SIP?

With the correct configuration you can expect quality equivalent to that of a POTS line when using SIP trunks.

How reliable are SIP trunks and VOIP?

The major benefit of the internet is there is no single point of failure. Network Visual Solutions powered by Clearfly Communications has equipment based in separate locations; should one connection fail the call can be automatically routed to an alternative location. SIP service has reliability comparable with traditional phone lines.

Can I terminate my existing service?

Network Visual Solutions powered by Clearfly Communications recommends you keep a POTS line for commercial fire alarm systems or analog burglar alarm systems. In the event of your broadband connection going down, we can route calls to an alternative telephone number. Most VoIP Phone systems are configured to use existing Analog and POTS Lines as well as SIP Trunks.

Are emergency services supported by SIP?

Yes, emergency services are supported by SIP. It is essential that you have at least one POTS line for alarms. This can be the line over which your ADSL connection is hosted.

Why Network Visual Solutions provided by Clearfly Communications?

While there are many SIP providers in the US, Network Visual Solutions powered by Clearfly Communications leads the way for business customers with PBXs using multiple trunks. We have tested extensively with PBX manufacturers and can provide a smooth transition to SIP.

What do I need to get started?

You need a broadband internet connection, such as ADSL, T-1, Fiber, or Cable

Can we keep our old number with SIP?

Yes, your existing telephone numbers can be ported.

What telephone number will we be given?

New numbers can be ordered if required. You can select which area code you would like, so that you can have a local number.

Is fax supported with SIP?

Yes, fax is supported over SIP.